A Pretty Little Downpour : Bridesmaid Inspiration

With the onset of spring, inevitably comes rain. On the upside, spring also brings brightly colored tulips. My mom is an avid gardener. I can remember getting so excited at the first sign of those bright green stalks popping through the soil. When I saw the stores filling with tulips I had to put together a little something to celebrate. I crafted this bouquet of tulips, ranunculus and roses, and then styled a simple little shoot to celebrate the coming season (great bridesmaid/bridal inspiration!). Of course, like any good Seattle spring day, it rained. Really rained. But you wouldn’t know how bad it actually was with the photographic talents of Lora Grady. Plus, I happen to think the raindrops made it look extra romantic.2014-03-04_0011





Photos: Lora Grady

Dress, Ring, Earrings: Nordstrom

The French 76

It’s no secret that I love champagne and usually find myself coming up with excuses to celebrate with a bottle. Even before I was old enough for the alcoholic version, I was clinking glasses with sparkling juice. I love the pop of the cork, the fizzing of the bubbles, the refreshing zing it delivers, and the variety of beautifully crafted labels. I also love the air of glamour that comes with sipping from a flute. I’m always looking for new ways to serve champagne and this recipe does just the trick. It’s a slightly altered version of the French 75  (with the addition of St. Germain) and would make a great signature drink for a wedding or event. And it just so happens to pair perfectly with yesterday’s Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake.2014-03-05_00022014-03-05_0001 2014-03-05_0003 2014-03-05_0004 2014-03-05_0005 2014-03-05_0006 2014-03-05_0007 2014-03-05_0008 2014-03-05_0009

french 76

Photos: Lora Grady


So excited you’ve made your way to my site! I am beyond ecstatic to begin this journey and hope to bring bits and pieces of joy and inspiration to your every day. I’ll be using this blog as a way to showcase some of my latest work and to share recipes, ideas, and anything that happens to strike my fancy. I’ve been working on some amazing projects with some even more amazing people and I can’t wait to share. First up will be the recipe for this delicious little cake below (so stay tuned!). With the enormous amount of love and encouragement from friends and family, I’m ready for this new adventure and I hope you’ll follow right along! 2014-03-04_0001

cake quote

Photo: Lora Grady